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Holdem Blackjack

Holdem Blackjack Dictionary

The game Holdem Blackjack has its own jargon just like in poker. This dictionary page will explain the most common terms and jargon so that you know what other players are talking about during the game.

7 Card Charlie: the highest best hand, 7 cards with a total sum which is under or equal to 21.

Big Blind: the forced bet which can be compared to an 'ante' at a regular poker tabel.

Chips: the pieces of plastic which are played with and have a value.

Dealer: the person who has the dealer button and has to deal the rest of the table.

Dealer Button: a small piece of platic which indicates who the dealer is during a round.

Hit: when you take an extra card to try and get closer to 21.

Show Down: When all the hands are placed open on the table and a winner is chosen.

Small Blind: The forced bet which is half of the big blind.

Stand: when a player is satisfied with his/her total hand value they stop drawing cards.

If you think that we are missing any terms that should be added to this Holdem Blackjack dictionary then please let us know, just go to out contact page and send us a mail. We appreciate any feedback you may have as it will make this better for everyone who reads it.